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Maria José de Freitas

Architect Maria José de Freitas, is an active professional in Macau since 1987, being the author of a variety of Architectural projects in the city, Guangzhou, Bahrain and Portugal.

Maria José, received the ARCASIA AWARD, in the category of Architectural Renovation in 2002, with the project, Musealization and Renovation of the 5 Heritage Houses, at Taipa Island, Macau S.A.R.
She was the Head of the Architectural Centre of the Civil Engineering Laboratory of Macau, in charge of the Coordination of the famous St. Paul’s Ruins, included in the Macau Heritage List, by UNESCO, in 1994.

From 2003 to 2005, she was the Coordinator of the Sintra World Heritage Center, being responsible for the preparation of the development of the Management Plan of Sintra Cultural Landscape, handed over to UNESCO, in February 2005.
After 2006, in Macau, Maria José is practicing as an active professional and participating in International Forums for Architectural Preservation and Rehabilitation of Classified buildings.

In 2013 during the 8th Silk Road Forum, Maria José was appointed Ambassador of WCO (World Citizens Organization).
Being an Architect of the 21st Century very aware of the inherence of the new era, she is motivated by communications and the role played by the multimedia, creating synergies and multidimensional spaces that she seeks to incorporate in her creations, enhancing its reading and cultural experiences.