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Chi-Son Chang

Japanese Manga got me out of boredom when I was living in the (United Kingdom, Sheffield) a middle size city with few entertainments. I spent countless hour try to understand how to draw character in the 2Dimention realm. Hopefully I can eventually create my own world and story in the upcoming future.

During the wonderful time at the university, I found joy and fulfillments to study craft and material, I felt connect with the pass history of skill and the technology to make our house with concrete, our utensil with mud and clay, and the metal tool whom shape our modern world.

I end up using glass because I couldn’t found much information with book, it is a material with so much possibility, My mainresearching in a blue dichroic glass( color changing glass) ,I like to make pattern in glass that looks really complex and full of depths, it is fun to tell people that I use only one base colour and many would be very surprise.