0 ZERO and SINE DIE – 19th anniversary members collective exhibition

By Adalberto Tenreiro ,   Alice Ieong ,   Angel Kit Cheng Chan ,   Aya Lei ,   Carmen Lei ,   Cosmo Wong ,   Daisy Chao Hong Peng ,   David K. K. Chio ,   Francisco Ricarte ,   GANTZ5 ,   Gil Araujo ,   Gonsalo Oom ,   Hio Kuan ,   Ieong Man Pan ,   Joan Lam ,   Julia Lam ,   Justin Ung ,   Ken C. I. Chau ,   Lam Iam Sang ,   Leo Fan ,   Li Li ,   Lúcia Lemos ,   Maria João Das ,   mavin zin ,   Mundinho ,   Papa Osmubal ,   Ricardo Meireles ,   Stefan Nunes ,   Tchusca Songo ,   Thomas Potter ,   Todi Kong ,   Wong Weng Io ,   Yan Ao ,   Yang Sio Maan ,   Yaya Vai ,   ioklin Ng ,   Zheng Yu

Event Date: 27th August — 24th September, 2022

The Grand Opening of the Center for Creative Industries – CREATIVE MACAU took place 19 years ago, on an auspicious Thursday, on August 28, 2003. Today, we celebrate its 19th anniversary, and we continue to work on our mission. This space hosted an eclectic exhibition with works by members, enrolled in a range of creative areas, which awakened the city to this innovative project in the creative community. Many interesting and viable ideas converged on the possible structural creation of identity that would result in the aspired economic diversity. Our utopia can be reversed if ways to achieve this aspiration are cultivated. Opportunities for expansion is a legitimate desire that creatives sustain to get out of the crisis established by covid-19.

0 Z E R O and S I N E D I E is to motivate reflection thoughts on the recent experience and effects of this conjuncture on the global crises inflicting drastic changes in the daily life of individuals and communities. And such a prolonged TIME of continuous hypothetical abstract with invisible postponements. TIME of countless objective questions with lots of variants and ambiguous answers. This TIME is dedicated to artistic creation as a resilient pleasure and in it, the creative’s calm and worries. All members of CREATIVE MACAU were once again invited to participate in the celebration. It is with great satisfaction that we can enjoy together, 37 members presenting 45 works, their imagination and transversal ideas. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone, and together, we celebrate 19 years of intense life of this catalytic artistic cultural space. Long live the creative community of Macau for its diversity and quality that is fully recognized here and abroad.