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Thomas Potter

Thomas Potter is an American artist from San Antonio, Texas, who has been creating and exhibiting art for the past 25 years. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Practice from The University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from The University of North Texas. Additionally, Thomas has been an art educator for the past 16 years, but believes that the term “artist” is not an occupation but an ever-present state of being or lifestyle. As such, Thomas examines the world around him daily with fresh eyes and childlike curiosity. Inspired by “Neo-Dadaist” and fellow Texan Robert Rauschenberg, Thomas finds comfort in continuing to blur lines between painting and sculpture; working in “the gapbetween art and life.” Thomas finds inspiration in unexpected, twisted, chaotic, unique, and inexplicableobjects, places and events in our history and reality.

Having lived and worked in Asia for the past 8 years, Thomas views his decision to visit Beijing in 2013, as the single most impactful choice he ever made, forever altering his personal life and reshaping his artistic aesthetic. Since his arrival in Asia the American expat has added the roles of husband and father to his evolving identity, which has contributed significantly to the development of his personal painting narratives. The works in their fruition, which Thomas refers to as “staged paintings,” combine his love of painting with his affinity for found objects and installation.

His latest collection “Uprooted” is a personal mythology inspired by the idiosyncrasies ofEastern culture from a Westerner’s perspective. This series is an amalgamation of clustered interests, art history influences, realities and personal experiences. The artworks show differing facets of politics, religion, nature, spirituality, conflict, dream sand desires which overlap and coexist becoming appendages of each other. The collection is a multifaceted paradox where quiet symbols of progress are counterpoised by environmental repercussions, powerful women are rife with insecurities and bonds and mythical entities morph into modern narratives.“Uprooted” is a mesh that weaves together and balances the contrasting concepts of fantasyand reality.


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