Event Date: 28th August — 30th September, 2021

Reflecting on these two atypical years, we proposed to the members an emotional catharsis that would creatively express the ups and downs of their own feelings. Each work presented will transmit personal feelings experienced, either real or metaphorical with the dilemma of Open – Close – Open, inside/outside of themselves. OPEN CLOSE OPEN inspired 33 members to create works based on their daily life changes due to the worldwide pandemic that affected all citizens’ mobility. On the other hand, Open-Close-Open is also in the case of maintaining or ending business during the pandemic, which has been a frequent dilemma for the multinationals, medium and small enterprises.

The current virus COVID-19 has radically affecting, since January 2020, the daily lives and mobility of population worldwide, ruining several sectors of commerce, causing millions of contagions, deaths, and various mutations of the virus have been occurring. The Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus that occurred late in 2002 that caused fears in Macau and Hong Kong for few months is insignificant as compared to the current pandemic. In the new context, a crucial solution was quickly found in the form of a vaccine and, the increasing group immunity due to inoculation, makes us believe that the nightmare is soon at an end. There is a future!

Summarizing the history of our Center, it is inclusive with the existing cultural, artistic, creative and social diversity. We offer opportunities to talents willing to take the first public step towards internationalization and, we also contribute to the strength of professionals. For the creative members, it is a platform providing services to disseminate their work. In the retrospective 18 years of sharing creativity, we organized 226 solo and collective exhibition showing over 6,000 pieces of artworks and design that were visited by over 70,000 visitors.

Some selected art, jewellery, porcelain, fashion design, product design, urban and domestic furniture design works from above-mentioned exhibitions, were then exhibited at Art and Design Fairs in overseas cities such as Lisbon, London, Porto, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. 

In a nutshell, the numbers listed neither include the photography competitions previously held nor the annual Macau International Short Film Festival which the XII edition will happen in December 2021 at Teatro Capitol.

The artworks exhibiting for the celebration of 18th anniversary of the Center for Creative Industries – CREATIVE MACAU originated this wonderful show, that it is worth visiting. We will continue to grow our prestige, and promoting the high standard of art and culture of Macau.

Thank you to the participants and all supporting members.

Happy 18th Anniversary!


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