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Chio Ut Sim, Irene

Irene loves arts & crafts since she was a kid. She started drawing on the wall, then on paper, and then on canvas. Her passion for arts remains after all these years and hopes to create new works with her growing experience.

She has participated in several competitions, and received different prizes such as the Finalist prize of Yamaha Macau “Vinoora Innovative Styling Design Contest” in 2020, the Finalist prize of Cultural Ambassadors Programme MASCOT Design Contest in 2019, the Gold prize of “Expo 2010 Shanghai China” Stamp Design Contest in 2010, and Bronze prize of Banner Competition for Macao SAR Government Portal in 2009.


“Four Seasons” 20th Anniversary Members Collective Exhibition

28th August — 29th September, 2023

It’s a great pleasure to celebrate two decades of intense artistic and cultural activity with the creative community, which began on the 28th of August 2003 with the mission of welcoming established professionals and new talents seeking recognition. We thank all associated members for their collaboration with thoughtful support since they willingly accept our invitations […]

OPEN CLOSE OPEN – 18th Anniversary Collective Exhibition

28th August — 30th September, 2021

Reflecting on these two atypical years, we proposed to the members an emotional catharsis that would creatively express the ups and downs of their own feelings. Each work presented will transmit personal feelings experienced, either real or metaphorical with the dilemma of Open – Close – Open, inside/outside of themselves. OPEN CLOSE OPEN inspired 33 […]