“RICH LIFE” – 12th anniversary group exhibition

By Adalberto Tenreiro ,   António Duarte Mil-Homens ,   Denis Murrell ,   Duarte Esmeriz ,   Francisco Ricarte ,   Gigi Lee Yee Kee ,   Justin Chiang Chin Pang ,   Katat Chan ,   Li Li ,   m.chow ,   Madalena Fonseca ,   Cristina Vinhas ,   mavin zin ,   Mel Cheong ,   Noah Ng Fong Chao ,   Sofia Bobone ,   Sofia Lou Sio Fa ,   Tang Kuok Hou ,   Wu Lu Sheng ,   DWG ,   OPEN& ,   Lúcia Lemos

Event Date: 28th August — 30th September, 2015

Creative Macau (CCI) will hold a grand opening ceremony of “Rich Life” Members Exhibition and bring stunning music performance to celebrate its 12th Anniversary on Friday, 28 August, 2015.

The grand opening ceremony will start at 6pm with a set of live acoustic and electronic music played in a combination of different instruments by the local band, Concrete Lotus, to feed the evening with flare and thrill the audience with true renditions of upbeat pieces. Honorable guests and members will be invited to blow a 12-candle-birthday-cake and toast together amidst the festive party, to unwind a delightful and exhilarating evening in celebrating the forthcoming twelfth year in perfect synchrony.

Lúcia Lemos, Coordinator of Creative Macau stated that CCI celebrates the date of 28 August every year in commemorating of one more year establishment, to bid a farewell to the old year and welcome the new. She also thanked to the great support and contribution of all local creative communities, organizations, associations and the founder Institute of the European Studies of Macau. “Without their support, we couldn’t have enhanced enthralling and innovative programs to our cocoon. My gratitude to all grateful work for the community.” She added, “Holding the “Rich Life” is as a good wish to all members of achieving a brilliant future!”

The “Rich Life” Exhibition is going to showcase diverse perceptions towards the meaning of rich life through various kinds of visual artwork, in a way of evaluating whether the thriving gaming industry impacts the quality of life in Macau. It invites 25 artist members to hold this exhibition including: Adalberto Tenreiro, António Mil-Homens, Cristina Dias, Cristina Vinhas, Denis Murrell, Duarte Esmeriz, DWG, Francisco Ricarte, Gigi Lee, João Cordeiro, Justin Chiang, Katat Chan, Li Li, Madalena Fonseca, Mel Cheong, Menn Chow, Noah Ng Fong Chao, Raúl Martins, Sofia Bobone, Sofia Lou Sio Fa, Sonia Viseu, Tang Kuok Ho and Wu Lu Sheng; The exhibition will be opened to public on free admission from 28 August to 30 September 2015.