“Whatever You Make, Make It Yours” – 14th anniversary collective member exhibition

By Aida Maria Albino Carreira ,   Alan ieon ,   Arlinda Frota ,   Armelle de L. ,   Carol Kwok ,   Denis Murrell ,   Duarte Esmeriz ,   DWG ,   Francisco Ricarte ,   Gigi Lee Yee Kee ,   Ho Si Man ,   Hugo Teixeira ,   Lai Sio Kit ,   Lan Chiang ,   Laura Che Mei I ,   Lúcia Lemos ,   Marina Paula Duarte De Carvalho ,   mavin zin ,   Mel Cheong ,   Rusty Fox (Wong Wang Lap) ,   Season Lao Sin Hang ,   Silvia Mendes Sales ,   Tang Kuok Hou ,   Tzeng Yi Hsin ,   Gonsalo Oom

Event Date: 28th August — 23rd September, 2017

Individual works could express strong individuality and uniqueness. Through this collective exhibition, the artists will creative the masterpieces with various art forms. Such as photography, print making, oil painting, tile painting, etc. The idiosyncratic and distinct thoughts will be gathered. And those will bring us the extraordinary ideas and experiences. Demonstrating the local creative talents’ creativity and diversity.

Nowadays we are living in the collective society, where people are always protecting themselves by hiding their true self, which caused the loss of personal charisma. On the contrary, artists blaze new trails in order to create outstanding works. They deliver new ideas and opinions to the public and broaden our horizons.