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Grand Opening of MADE IN MACAU Exhibition

15th September, 2005

It was with great joy that the Center for Creative Industries and its members welcomed the invitation addressed by the organizers of Experimenta Design to be feature at the Lisbon Biennale 2005. Guta Moura Guedes trust and keen interest to have a representation from so afar was immediately matched by Lucia Lemos, coordinator of CCI, […]

MADE IN MACAU in My World Exhibition

15th September — 30th October, 2005

MADE IN MACAU, one of the exhibitions in the Experimenta Design biennale, will be held at Lounging Space in Palácio de Santa Catarina from 15 September to 30 October 2005. The works of Macau designers and other design projects will be displayed at this famous tourist spot in Portugal. Meanwhile, a communication center of the media will also be located there […]

Two-Year Anniversary of Creative Macau

28th August, 2005

August 28 was a Great Day for us and all CCI participants! We celebrated our two-year anniversary in the Center that day and a cocktail reception was provided. Participants from different fields then had a chance to know each other and share their professional experience about local creative industries.

Final Result for My World Exhibition

15th July, 2005

The final result of the selection for the My World, New Craft exhibition has already been announced and there are totally 9 exhibits which will be delivered from Macau to Lisbon for the exhibition in September. As the opinion concluded by the British Council and the Experimenta Design, the feedback of the participation was very great, even exceeded what they […]

First Call for CPF Photography Exhibition

11th July, 2005

An exhibition for the collection of Macau photographers will be held in 2006 at Porto, Portugal. For CCI participants, please kindly send to CCI your detailed profile with images of your excellent works which can fully represent your style and favorites no later than 10 September 05. Information will then be sent to the Portuguese Center of […]

Exhibition: My World in the CCI

9th July, 2005

The Selection of the works for the My World, New Crafts exhibition is now processing. Over 30 local artists and designers joined this exhibition and we received more than 60 pieces of works for the selection. The participation is separated in 6 areas: furniture design, video production, graphic design, product design, installation and ceramics. The selected works […]

My World, New Crafts: Lisbon Design Biennale 2005

2nd June, 2005

An exhibition “My World, New Crafts” will be held at Lisbon in September 2005. It is an international exhibition which is commissioned by the British Council and Experimenta 2005, the Lisbon Design Biennale. A platform for a series of interactive events will be created to give visitors the energy and desire to explore the world […]

Exhibition: Macau Colours Come to Singapore

28th April — 28th May, 2005

Denis Murrell, a participant in Visual Arts field, is going to have an exhibition in the Art Loft Gallery, Singapore, from 28 April to 28 May 2005. To know more about Denis, please visit HERE. Images of Denis’ works can also be found through THIS SITE.

New Display Rotation

16th April, 2005

Do you want to get any excitement from amazing creation? You are most welcome to visit CCI and share your feeling with us!

Exhibition: Vicente Bravo in Military Club

15th — 17th April, 2005

Vicente Bravo, one of CCI participants in Visual Arts field, is now having a solo exhibition in Military Club (Av. da Praia Grande 975) until 17 April (Sunday). For more information about Vicente, please click HERE.