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5th — 7th June, 2007

Concerning for environment, CREATIVE MACAU‘s participant, FaiMat Ltd. presents the latest collection of BANNER BAG on 5th June, World Environment Day. BANNER BAGs are all made in Macau from recycled banners. The new models are OVAL, LENA, COMPUTADOR, DESPORTO, BAMBU, PRAIA GRANDE, GRANDE PREMIO and WINNIE.

Member group exhibition, BELONGING

5th — 31st May, 2007

The Center for Creative Industries, will pool together the talent of its members for this collective exhibition featuring Sculpture, Installation, Painting, Photography, Design, Graphic Design and other forms of creative expression, showing at CREATIVE MACAU, from the 5th to 31st of May 2007. We invite all to come and see the works of: Adam Lampton, Adalberto […]

Artistic Batik Exhibition

24th April — 2nd May, 2007

ARTISTIC and TRADITIONAL INDONESIAN BATIK Batik is a traditional technique used to dye on cloth which uses wax as a media. Create your own piece of clothing or painting by experimenting batik with traditional materials brought from Indonesia. NOOR VEIGA is an Industrial Designer working mainly in textile and exhibition design. She’s graduated from Lisbon Fine Arts […]


2nd April, 2007

KNOT, TOUCH, TRACE is an exhibition of mixed media works by Carol Archer, an Australian artist who has lived in Macao for the past six years. The exhibition includes paintings of apparently insignificant details of the Macao cityscape: knots that hold together bamboo scaffolding, market stall displays, broken window shutters. Not quite inanimate, these knots record […]


3rd — 24th March, 2007

This site specific architectural installation is a rendition of a projected virtual image – done all over the glass facade, floor, column and wall – that operates as a spatial map within the limitations of the existing gallery.

Kit Kelen Solo Exhibition

25th November — 15th December, 2006

We are going to hold an Exhibition.

Tribute to Ed Sant

10th November, 2006

A concert to tribute ED Sant’ Ana will be held in Cultural Center 11th November, His songs will be performed by singers MIRO, RITA MATIAS, CHEN NI and the players HA DONG guitar, Ernesto Pinto, Degar Pinto sound, Joao Caetano and Beto Betuk percussion. Nani Teixeira guitar, Luis Santo and Luis Santos, Portuguese guitar. Ed […]

Contingent of Republic

26th October — 15th November, 2006

CREATIVE MACAU is showing Joaquim Barreto’s 16 colour photographs of fashion, THE CONTINGENT OF REPUBLIC, from 26 Oct to 15 Nov, 2006. Joaquim Barreto was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1975. At the age of eleven, he and his family emigrated to Australia where he completed a Bachelor of Economics in 1998. Joaquim’s love for photography began when […]

Kiro Urdin Painting and Lithographs Exhibition

21st — 23rd October, 2006

The feeling is unrepeatable. In painting, feeling is unrepeatable, and when I paint, I exclude rational thinking, and emotions and the painter.


28th September — 20th October, 2006

Catherine Bjerke was born in Oslo, Norway, on 28th of July 1966. Coming from an artistic family with seven children she early learned how to paint from her mother who made all her children try out the fascinating possibilities of oil painting. With her father and grandfather being Architects, she got her inspiration. During her […]