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At the Same Time as in Macau

17th June — 8th July, 2006

At the Same Time as in Macau, this is the second solo exhibition at the gallery CREATIVE MACAU. It will be opened on coming June 17th 2006. Adalberto Tenreiro is a remarkable architect. He assembled these drawings since 1995 that will be showed now.   “At first he would like to show drawings about reinterpretation […]


5th — 14th June, 2006

On June 5, 2006, the World Environment Day, it will take place at Creative Macau at 18:30(6:30pm), the official presentation of MACAU BANNER BAG, the name of a collection of bags, purses and handbags in PVC that are made from the promotional banners used by several public entities in the promotion and announcement of social, cultural and leisure events that […]

WORK TO MYSELF – Chapter 2

22nd April — 13th May, 2006

From 22 April to 13 May, Yuen Wai Ip is holding his MEMBER SOLO EXHIBITION in gallery of CREATIVE MACAU. His favorite paintings in this show all carry with them a special story. And on the other hand, we could let these paintings open up our imagination: maybe contemplate the influence of our modern life […]


18th March — 18th April, 2006

The CENTER for CREATIVE INDUSTRIES is presenting the MEMBER GROUP EXHIBITION in CREATIVE MACAU GALLERY; the purpose of this exhibition is for promoting the local creative industries, and the following artists have attended this exhibition:   ADA MOK ANITA FUNG POU CHU CARMO CORREIA CLARA BRITO FONG VANG HOI JACQUES LE NANTEC JOHN CHUI MARIA VIEIRA SOARES MEL CHEONG HOI […]

Rediscover Macau Photography Competition

21st February — 11th March, 2006

The REDISCOVER MACAU photography competition is organized by Ponte 16. There are more than 1800 pictures to participate this competition and 138 pictures have been selected. All these selected pictures is displaying in the CREATIVE MACAU gallery from 21February to 11March. Since the exhibition open, there were near 500 visitors to visit the exhibition. This is the good way for you to learn […]

Reversed Landscape

26th January, 2006

Introduction to the movie by Architects Jorge Figueira and Ana Vaz Milheiro(OA) at Creative Macau on 26th Jan at 18:30. The movie will be screened continuously until 16th Feb from 14:00 to 20:00 (Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays). A documentary about Portuguese architecture and urban landscape looking at nine buildings. A co-production Laranja Azul […]

Fables of Identities

5th December, 2005 — 6th January, 2006

“Every time when I come back to Macau, I can help but wonder, what would I have become if I had not left China?” The project “Fables of Identities” presented by Artist Alice Kok is based on this strange question. She aimed at meeting young Chinese women of her age when she came back to […]

Boom Creation

12th — 26th November, 2005

Boom Creation Product Design Exhibition, which is organized by the Macau Arts Affair Institute (MAAI) and the Center for Creative Industries (CCI) and supported by Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM), will be held at Creative Macau from 12th to 26th November 2005. Designers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau present their fresh and creative […]

CCI at the 10th MIF

20th October, 2005

As Macau was successfully inscribed on UNESCO

Ceramic Exhibition in CCI

10th — 20th October, 2005

A group ceramic exhibition was held for CCI workshop students on 10-20 October. Students from the workshop Decorative Ceramics, including F