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28th September — 20th October, 2006

Catherine Bjerke was born in Oslo, Norway, on 28th of July 1966. Coming from an artistic family with seven children she early learned how to paint from her mother who made all her children try out the fascinating possibilities of oil painting. With her father and grandfather being Architects, she got her inspiration. During her […]

CCI at 11th MIF

23rd — 26th September, 2006

The CCI aims are: To broaden knowledge and visibility for the works and the products of creative industries by providing a showroom for them in a suitable and well located premise. To improve employment through the development of creative induestries in the local society. To bulid and maintain commuciation channels for local and European creatie […]

“PEACE TO OBJECTS!”Exhibition By Clara Brito and Manuel CS

1st — 22nd September, 2006

From 01 ~ 22 September, CCI is pleased to present an installation of Lines Lab with Manuel CS and Clara Brito latest objects. Peace to Objects! is and installation that appeals to an alternative and innovative way of appreciating “objects versus products”. The proposal is a new era of consumption of goods where each “object” […]

Member Group Exhibition

5th — 29th August, 2006

From 05 ~ 29 August, Creative Macau will be held a MEMBER GROUP EXHIBITION. Our members can share their experience and new creative works on the exhibition. The following members are this MEMBER GROUP EXHIBITION participants:   ADALBERTO TENREIRO, ANDR

Lampo Leong Calligraphy

17th — 29th July, 2006

Lampo Leong is an Internationally renowned painter, calligrapher and Multimedia artist, who received his BFA in brush painting from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China in 1983 and MFA in painting with High Distinction from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco/Oakland in 1988. A Ph. D. candidate(ABD) in Comparative Study of […]

At the Same Time as in Macau

17th June — 8th July, 2006

At the Same Time as in Macau, this is the second solo exhibition at the gallery CREATIVE MACAU. It will be opened on coming June 17th 2006. Adalberto Tenreiro is a remarkable architect. He assembled these drawings since 1995 that will be showed now.   “At first he would like to show drawings about reinterpretation […]


5th — 14th June, 2006

On June 5, 2006, the World Environment Day, it will take place at Creative Macau at 18:30(6:30pm), the official presentation of MACAU BANNER BAG, the name of a collection of bags, purses and handbags in PVC that are made from the promotional banners used by several public entities in the promotion and announcement of social, cultural and leisure events that […]

WORK TO MYSELF – Chapter 2

22nd April — 13th May, 2006

From 22 April to 13 May, Yuen Wai Ip is holding his MEMBER SOLO EXHIBITION in gallery of CREATIVE MACAU. His favorite paintings in this show all carry with them a special story. And on the other hand, we could let these paintings open up our imagination: maybe contemplate the influence of our modern life […]


18th March — 18th April, 2006

The CENTER for CREATIVE INDUSTRIES is presenting the MEMBER GROUP EXHIBITION in CREATIVE MACAU GALLERY; the purpose of this exhibition is for promoting the local creative industries, and the following artists have attended this exhibition:   ADA MOK ANITA FUNG POU CHU CARMO CORREIA CLARA BRITO FONG VANG HOI JACQUES LE NANTEC JOHN CHUI MARIA VIEIRA SOARES MEL CHEONG HOI […]

Rediscover Macau Photography Competition

21st February — 11th March, 2006

The REDISCOVER MACAU photography competition is organized by Ponte 16. There are more than 1800 pictures to participate this competition and 138 pictures have been selected. All these selected pictures is displaying in the CREATIVE MACAU gallery from 21February to 11March. Since the exhibition open, there were near 500 visitors to visit the exhibition. This is the good way for you to learn […]