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“Human Scenery” – Photography exhibition

23rd March — 23rd April, 2016

Shoots of landscapes often served with appreciation of beauty and neglected the insignificant exotic scenes. I see the importance of those insignificant scenes as the symbols of place and time, they are the observations and records of the landscapes. I attempt to redefine the monotonous image of the city, and reunite all the elements into […]

“Ma-Boa / Lis-Cau” ink painting exhibition

23rd February — 19th March, 2016

“Macao and Lisbon have so many reasons to be different because their origine in the History or their location, one in Europe and the other in Asia but … Through my artistic eyes I founded some similar sceneries in both cities until my purpose is to join these two cities with humour and make some […]


15th — 26th February, 2016

There’s an old saying that there are two approaches to writing your first movie script – study and train for it, or waste two years writing in circles, going nowhere with your film idea… before studying and training for it. I took the second approach many years ago, but wished I was less of a […]

“Fantasy” oil painting exhibition

13th January — 13th February, 2016

“I live in cities but also love to soak in nature and would love to be able to talk to other animals! “Fantasy” is a series of indulging moments that I am soaking in, a strange combination of different animals! Any possibilities for understanding and love? In some of them I place a few pieces […]

Book Presentation by Kim Hughes

7th January, 2016

Dr. Kim, as she is known by her students, has been a language educator and teacher trainer for over 30 years, living and working over half her life overseas. She and her family lived one year in Hong Kong, four years in Malaysia (where her second son was born), one year in Indonesia while on […]

“Communication and Media exhibition by USJ students”

6th — 28th November, 2015

This year’s productions include Photography, Graphic Design, Interactive Media, Animation, Video Production and Radio Recording. The myriad of media formats presented in this event reflects the multidisciplinary approach followed in the Communication and Media Bachelor program, which was reinforced upon its inclusion in the Faculty of Creative Industries. According to USJ organizer and program coordinator, […]

“Suspension” – cross-media exhibition

8th — 31st October, 2015

Suspension is a kind of living, living with certain creation pleasure without serving the time. This exhibition will showcase various kinds of work reflecting a sense of suspension include illustration, graffiti, photography, installation arts, ambient music, etc. Among all, the graffiti works can best interpret the connotation of suspension, notwithstanding it’s not belong to the […]