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Jet Wu

In 2003, he participated in the “First Golden Dragon Award Original Animation and Comics Art Contest” held in China and won the “Shortlist Award for Story Comics” with the original cartoon “Return of Eternal Tribulation”. Until now, he is the only awardee from Macau .

He has held three solo art exhibitions: 2008 “Anti-Drug Evolution Comic Works Exhibition”, which was exhibited at No. 10 Fantasia in Macau; 2012 “Zou Shiming vs. Hu Zhijie Inspirational Life Road, Lecture Works Exhibition”, which was exhibited At No. 10 Fantasia in Macau, the 2013 ” COTAL ART EXHIBITION ” was held at the Venetian in Macau.

He has been invited to participate in several group exhibitions, the most recent one was “Borderless Art Contemporary Exhibition” in January 2014, the exhibition located at the Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery in Macau.

He once produced a series of illustrated products about Macau and put them on the market for sale, targeting tourists who came to Macau, and the sales were considerable. product: postcard set “Eating the Streets of Macau” and “World Heritage Series Ceramic Cup”.

Cooperated with an official of the Liaison Office of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to launch a collection of illustrations about Macao, called “Small City Records”.

In July 2014, upon invitation, the work was exhibited at the “National Museum of China” in Beijing.

Now he is the planner and main artist of the fundraising event [Beloved Painting] for the (AAPAM) Macau Association for the Protection of Abandoned Animals. In just one month, the event has raised more than $100,000 donations. On November 9th, it has raised donations 2960 million, fully donated to the Macau Association for the Protection of Abandoned Animals (AAPAM).

The “Chinese King of Boxing” comics and oil paintings that have been produced for many years are finally published and produced by the American company Mindstyle. It will be sold exclusively in the Cotai venue and will also be sold in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan later.

In 2016, he founded O-moon, a chain gift shop of cultural and creative products, as the person in charge and creative director of the company (but left in 2022)

In 2023, he is one of the persons in charge of Tou Jie Creative Co., Ltd., and created the card game “TouJie”.

Cooperated with local brand TE to launch the “WHAT HAVE I SEEN” Tshirt series.