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Margarida Marcelino

I lived in Macau since 1983 – 1998 then I went to Portugal to study Fashion Design in the Faculty of Arquitecture of Lisboa. I finished my degree with approval in 2006 and now I’m pursuing my dream. I had my train ship with the Portuguese Designer Ana Salazar, and collaborated on the design and development of two Fashion Collections, autumn/winter 2006.2007 and spring/summer 2007.

I participated in some fashion events in Portugal, sowing my latest collection of dresses called the Harper Garden. In that collection I took my inspiration on the musical instrument called the Harp and in the cultures that played it in the past, using its form and enchantment to create the draping of the dresses. I also designed and sewed dresses for the female members of a choir group in Portugal, called Ensemble Voct. In my work I like to evoke the enchanted and the old ways of some lost cultures, to revive those dead cultures and bring inexistent fantasies to a modern level trough new forms and expressions.

I also love nature and ecology, and try to incorporate it in my designs. In 2003 I participated and won in a contest of Ecological Design made by the IPJ (Portuguese Youth Institute) with the creation The Goddess of Nature, made with recycled materials and packages.


Designer Fashion Exhibition, Extravagances

28th February — 16th March, 2009

EXTRAVAGANCES is a group exhibition in DESIGNER FASHION. We believe that our local fashion designers are well-equipped and their designs are with personality and style. Besides, according to the special local business environment of the fashion design industry, our local fashion designers have a lot of opportunities to take up the orders for making some […]