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Nuno Veloso

Nuno Veloso is a professional fashion and portrait photographer.

After buying his first photographic camera in China in 1992, Nuno began his photographic studies at Macau’s High School and then moved to Portugal, where he completed an MA in Photography at Porto’s Premium Art School. By the age of 21 he decided it was time to invest his talent in the fashion world.

He opened his own studio and began operating closely with various model agencies around Europe, developing their models’ books and working also as a consultant advising models on how to best progress in their professional careers.

After shooting campaigns such as VonDutch, Salsa Jeans and FlyLondon and working close to Visual Communication agencies as a Photographer and Art Director, his next wise move would be to the UK, where he’s been living since 2005 working for magazines all around the world.

In London he was managing a Visual Communication studio, which allowed him to work as a Creative/Consultant for Fashion brands, and develop his editorial creativity.

He continues to push his art forward, looking for new ways to express his talent around the globe – especially in his beloved Asia where he is based nowadays, Hong Kong/Macau.


“The Global Wanderer” Photography exhibition

10th — 26th July, 2014

The Global Wanderer, in present global times, within possible typologies of travellers, we encounter several ways of living in the World. Since the tourist to its opposite, the vagabond, from emigrant to nomad, they all seem to share some characteristics of the subject of present times. Within the dynamics of the movement that provides intercultural […]