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Leong Chak In

In 1999, Lin Leong moved to London from Macau, in search of self-enlightenment and identity. Lin’s love for the arts got him enrolled at the St. Martin College of Art and Design and London College of Printing. With his camera Lin began capturing the world around him, finding a vision and self-expression through the lenses. Photography became clearly the direction for him to take. Then at the institute Lin found a particular bent for fashion and editorial photography, because of their freedom for innovation and creativity.

As his skill and style matured, Lin’s talent soon became recognized by the industry and in 2002 Elle Magazine published his work. Later on screenwriter Gilbert Adair recruited Lin, his first job as a professional photographer where he had the privilege of learning a lot about the vocation and receiving much guidance from a great master. From then he has worked with hair stylist Martin Galy as in-house photographer, International Hair Dresser Jointly Show, mostly involved in author’s portrait for book jackets, photography for make up and hair and fashion shoots.



8th — 25th November, 2008

Everything starts from sketch and from a simple idea comes up with several decisions.Selecting a colour tone is one of the essential aspects under consideration. A person’s feeling is an obvious mood-setter. It can significantly determine a specific colour and tone. The act of choosing a colour tone could be a choice of mutually exclusive […]

Photograph Portfolio

24th June, 2005

In this open workshop you will be given the opportunity to follow your own project, which will help you to develop a personal style and confidence with technique. They will photograph one another or friends and models with studio flash and outdoors with available light. Topics include introduction of different films and camera formats, outdoor […]