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Tommy Lok

TOMMY LOK, established the brand LAZY FIRE with SUE LEONG in August 2002, the idea of LAZY FIRE came from chatting with friends. We found that most people have many ambitions, ideals and plans for the future, and everyone has a passionate fire in their hearts, but with the passage of time, the environment around them and the influence of inertia. But with the passage of time, the environment around us and the influence of laziness, no one has made much progress.This brand can remind me to keep trying to realize our dreams. Don’t let the time go to waste. Over the past year, I have really given a lot of time and money to LAZY FIRE. It’s really difficult to run a brand in Macau on a private basis. I have thought about giving up.  LAZY FIRE is intended to encourage young people to pursue their dreams. I also hope that this dream can continue…