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A sense of Heritage

3rd December, 2007


9th — 28th November, 2007

Contemporary architecture integrates unique design and innovative technology. The combination of irregular shapes and geometrical forms of a building resembles that of a gigantic and sublime sculpture. The photographic subjects of the exhibition CONCERTO are contemporary architectures situated in Los Angeles, Bilbao, London, Paris and Berlin. Different from the conventional methodology of illustrating the overall […]

12th Macau International Fair

18th — 21st October, 2007

The Center for Creative Industries (CCI) operates with a mission of assisting the local creative sectors to boost their public awareness. CCI is being a regular participant to MIF since its establishment in 2003. In the 12th International Fair, “Product Design” is the theme of our participation. All displays are created by our eight local professional […]


12th — 31st October, 2007

Joey Ho Chong I created her solo painting exhibition “On the road to Tianzhu” in CREATIVE MACAUwith a very personal interpretation of a Classical Chinese novel “Journey to The West” Having dyed the surface in strong earth color and given the detail shape with lines in the feminine and oriental styles, Joey’s works therefore became very fragile an touchable […]


25th — 28th September, 2007

CCI members were invited to join an exhibition held during the “XIII Congreso de la Federacion Internacional de Estudios sobre America Latina y el Caribe” at Venetian Macau from 25 Sept – 28 Sept. The works of: Carol Archer, Chaterine Bjerk, Debby Sou, Fatima Galvão, Gigi Lee, Jess Chan, Kit Kelen, Lam Kin Ian, Rita Portugal, […]


8th — 29th September, 2007

LAM KIN IAN, a influential local painters, was invited for a solo painting exhibition, TRUE EXPRESSION at the gallery CREATIVE MACAU. “In my art creations, I strive to present my distinct style on my painting and fill the canvas with strong sense of trendy. To reach it, I make every painting by soul.” said LAM KIN IAN


11th — 31st August, 2007

The CENTER FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIES pooled together the talent of its members for a collective exhibition mainly featuring 3D Product Design, showing at CREATIVE MACAU, from 11th to 31st of August, 2007. This is a great opportunity to see the works of some Macau based designers and artists. They are Adalberto Tenreiro, Akin Pang, André Luai, Filipa Sim.

EU – Macau Linkage: T-Shirt Exhibition

28th July — 8th August, 2007

With the aim to celebrate Europe Day and the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, INSTITUTE OF EUROPEAN STUDIES OF MACAU has organised a T-shirt design competition earlier. Creativity and thematic designs are found among all the participated entries.All the participated entries will be exhibited in CREATIVE MACAU , starting from 28 of July until 8 […]


9th — 30th June, 2007

HOMEWORK is the title of an exhibition by Denis Murrell. It is comprised of 15 original paintings, in mixed media on cardboard, especially created to be exhibited at CREATIVE MACAU, from 9 to 30 of June, 2007. Denis Murrel is one of CCI’s members that accepted our invitation to have a solo event for our exhibition program, that […]

Noisy Undiscovered Taste

6th — 27th June, 2007

CREATIVE MACAU showed NOISY UNDISCOVERED TASTE, a collection of works by RITA PORTUGAL which include paintings with sculpting elements. The artist pushed the boundaries of her imagination which is manifest in the works exhibited for the public; her signature is a deliberately uncompromising and provocative imagery. In NOISY UNDISCOVERED TASTE, the artist focuses again in projecting scense that are common […]