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Bernadette Vong

Berna is a professional beauty and fashion portrait photographer since 2008, and was graduated in BA Designs & Interior Design at London Metropolitan University.

Before and during her studies at London Metropolitan, she was also working as a commercial model in London. Through countless of opportunities working with many photographers, it became natural for her to become interested in creating images as a photographer. Berna is probably most known with her ability to capture the true beauty within each individual. “Feminine is a beautiful thing, its in different forms and formless at the same time, like water, it is a sensual feeling like its forever changing. A mysterious gaze off from a woman is a good example. Its subtle, but yet powerful”, Berna says, “and nothing is more beautiful than a woman feeling confident from within.”

Berna’s major work ethics is to bring out the best of each individual, and to bring out the beauties from a person through her eyes to the world. Her recent projects to date was hiring by Vogue Italia’s Talents supplement 2009 fashion designer – Eyola (, and fashion label London Dance Wear ( Other clients also includes Toni & Guy (London Hammersmith branch), Oliver Stephen’s Hair Salon in Soho – London; and was published in: Photography Monthly (UK monthly journal), FIORI Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine (Indonesia), ELEM Magaine (UK and US journal), and bookzine – World of Photography Volume 1 in 2010.

Berna was born in Macau, and currently based in London, UK.