“Four Seasons” 20th Anniversary Members Collective Exhibition

By Adalberto Tenreiro ,   Aki Cheong ,   Alex Ao ,   Alexandre Marreiros ,   Angel Kit Cheng Chan ,   Aya Lei ,   Benjamin K. Hodges ,   Carlos Marreiros ,   Carmen Lei ,   Cheong Ut Man, Coco ,   Chio Ut Sim, Irene ,   Crystal Chan Wai Man ,   David K. K. Chio ,   Denis Murrell ,   Elisa Vilaça ,   Eloi Scarva ,   Fernando Simões ,   Isabel Tou ,   Jenny Chio ,   Justin Ung ,   Ken C. I. Chau ,   Kuok ChiKei ,   Laura Che Mei I ,   Li Li ,   Lúcia Lemos ,   m.chow ,   Maria João Das ,   mavin zin ,   Mundinho ,   Papa Osmubal ,   Stefan Nunes ,   Thomas Potter ,   Todi Kong ,   Wong Sio Hang ,   Yan Ao ,   Yaya Vai ,   Zheng Yu

Event Date: 28th August — 29th September, 2023

It’s a great pleasure to celebrate two decades of intense artistic and cultural activity with the creative community, which began on the 28th of August 2003 with the mission of welcoming established professionals and new talents seeking recognition. We thank all associated members for their collaboration with thoughtful support since they willingly accept our invitations for individual and group exhibitions and other cultural and artistic activities, training and practices developed over the years.

After 20 years of adapting to the year’s seasons, the theme of the four seasons would encompass all the variations experienced over two decades. Although the FOUR SEASONS appeal to the sensory senses, human life has countless meanings regarding their creative capacity. Some immortal geniuses are suggested in the following paragraphs.

Looking at the artistic representation of the Four Seasons worldwide, in the culture of the ancient Greeks (800-146 BC), seasons were personified in sculptures. In the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), Li Bai (701-762) wrote the beautiful poems Ballads of the Four Seasons, and the painters Zhou Fang and Zhang Xua, among others, were inspired by seasons to create their immortal works. In the medieval time (476-1450), Europeans moralised the seasons through illustrations of virtues and vices; in the time of the Japanese Edo period (1615-1868), they created illustrating rites through woodcuts and also, in 1832, Hokusai Katsushika portrayed the Mount Fuji “Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji” within the four seasons and different places with different weather conditions. Recalling the Italian painter Giuseppe  Arcimboldo, who, between 1503-1590, painted allegorical bust of nature with extraordinary imagination in symbolic and sharp interpretations for the time, he personified the fruits of the earth and the sea of each season, revealing the essence of Humanity. In conclusion, the seasons and their phenomena change significantly in people’s realisation of their wishes and dreams, leading them to grow by learning and failing until they succeed.

The Center For Creative Industries: CREATIVE MACAU 20th Anniversary book DOCUMENTA 2023 will be launched on the Opening Day of this collective exhibition and offered to our creative members.

The exhibition’s theme, FOUR SEASONS, inspired more than 40 members. They interpreted it well with the participation of their creative work in celebration of the 20th anniversary of CREATIVE MACAU.