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Menn Chow

Menn is a freelance fashion designer and web designer. He does web design as he has background in information systems. Before he entered into the world of arts, he was an I.T. (Information Technology) sales. He noticed that he could live better if he was doing what he likes rather than just earn money for life. So, he started to study fashion design in a local institute and gain knowledge on fashion make up.

He is interested in Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Styling, Web Design and Web Development.

Menn keeps learning different arts-related stuff so that he could get different point of views on his works and develop his own taste in arts. Now, he is learning as a performer in Broadway musicals in Macau Cultural Centre. It helps him to get a point of views from a performer and let him know how the costume should be in order to fit for performing and enrich the personality.