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Ana Carina Martins

Ana Carina Martins finished Sócrates/ Erasmus program at the University of Technology of Delft, The Netherlands. In the next year, she got the certification of licentiate’s degree in Design in the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon. During her studying period, she also participates and organizes distinct international event for developing personal knowledge. Such as the 2nd Biannual Exhibition of Art of Macao (sculpture modality) in 1995; Design exhibition of the 2nd year of the Design course in Faculdade de Arquitectura, Lisbon, in 1996; the organizer and participator of Design Exhibition “Projecto A0” inFine Arts Society, Lisbon from 1997 to 1998; International Meeting on “Autonomy and Accessibility – making a city for everyone” in Lisbon in 2000.