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Ieong Chi Kin

Born in Macau. In 2000, he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Graphics Communication from the Macao Polytechnic Institute. Now he works as a graphic designer in the Macao Museum of Art, Civic and Municipal Affair Bureau (Macau).

Group Exhibitions (selected):
• 2004 The City Community – The Images – Video Installation Exhibition (Macau)
• 2003 Isolation & Communication – Macau & Zhu Hai Contemporary Arts (Macau); Sheep Year-Installation Exhibition (Macau)
• 2002 Encounter Over Seas¡¨ – Macau Artists in Taiwan Exchange Exhibition (Taiwan); Sketch Exhibition 2¡¨ – Installation Exhibition (Macau)
• 2001 Easy Installation¡¨ Macau artists installation exhibition. (Old Ladies¡¦ House, Macau); Butterflies installation exhibition. (Old Ladies House, Macau); Invivible City Vedio Exhibition. (Old Ladies¡¦ House, Macau)

Video Projection:
• 2004 Encounter with Alice of 2004 (I) – Performance; Encounter with Alice of 2004 (II) – Performance
• 2003 Reply of Mr.Q – Performance
• 2002 Dedicated Sound of Mongolia; the Reply of ¡§Lost and Found¡¨ (Chinese Drama festival 2002)
• 2001 ¡§Lost and Found¡¨ installation and dance theatre. (Fringe 2001)

Design Award:
• 2004 China International Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Poster- Excellent
• 2003 5 Bronze Award and 1 Silver Award in V Macau Design Biennial 02/03, Macau.
• 2002 HKDA 2002 Excellent Award of Catalog Design
• 2001 3 Bronze Award, 1 Silver Award and 1 Judge Choose Award in 4th Macau Biennial Design¡¨; MEDIA Asia Design Award¡¨ – 1 Silver Award and 1 Judge Choose Award; dN Decade Design Awards¡¨ – 2 Excellent


Cries from the Ruins

19th June — 5th July, 2010

CRIES FROM THE RUINS is a solo exhibition by Kent Ieong Chi Kin of which will be presented in the gallery CREATIVE MACAU from 19th June to 5th July 2010. This exhibition comprehends a video and photography installation as well as a live performance of which will be presented by a friend of Kent during […]