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Yang Sio Maan

An independent illustrator based in Macau. Yang received a BA in English Studies from University of Macau and an MA in Illustration from University for the Creative Arts. She has also participated in numerous community art projects, joint exhibitions and independent publishing, exploring the possibilities of visual language. Her solo exhibition “Everywhere and Anywhere”(2019) was held in Macau and in the same year, her works are awarded New Talent Category Winner (Advertising) at the World Illustration Awards by the Association of Illustrators (UK) and Best of the Best at Hiii Illustration by Hiiibrand (China).

She has held another solo exhibitions in Macau in 2017 titled “Wait for me, blue beanie!” and has participated in many joint exhibitions since 2016 local and abroad such as England, Netherlands and Japan.


0 ZERO and SINE DIE – 19th anniversary members collective exhibition

27th August — 24th September, 2022

The Grand Opening of the Center for Creative Industries – CREATIVE MACAU took place 19 years ago, on an auspicious Thursday, on August 28, 2003. Today, we celebrate its 19th anniversary, and we continue to work on our mission. This space hosted an eclectic exhibition with works by members, enrolled in a range of creative […]

Beautiful Sunset, Infinite Good – Installation of Artistic Illustrations

15th April — 22nd May, 2021

I wrote and illustrated a picture-book last year, Mr Matos Goes to Buy Tomatoes, a tale of Mr Matos who lives around Bird Garden and goes to buy tomatoes, the tomatoes fall onto the ground on his way home and turns into a giant plant. Quite an absurd story as it is, but the background […]