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Gonsalo Oom


Gonsalo Oom (Gonçalo Saldanha) is a holistic architectural designer and project manager.

In parallel he engages into sketching, recording and expressing his views of the living cities, currently Macau.


14 years

Exhibition: The presented work is related to doors or passages in a metaphoric sense.


Expressionist Drawings of Macau

28th September — 27th October, 2017

ARTIST’S STATEMENT “Macau is currently my city and part of my life. Being an architect makes me see and feel the cities in a unique way and, as an artist painter, express my self and register the urbanity on the paper – the goal is to demonstrate the old and contemporaneous city’s personality in the […]

It’s a head scratch, isn’t it?

26th March — 9th April, 2008