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Nair Alexandra Dias Cardoso

Nair Alexandra Dias Cardoso gains Licentiate degree in Communication Design at University of Arts and Design – ESAD in Oporto in Portugal and Bachelor degree in Graphic Design in Macau Polytechnic Institute, School of Arts. Becoming an artist, she has been making contributions in different artistic fields since 90 generations. As 1999 Biennial of design in 98/99 in the Cultural Center and Design Exhibitions in the Gallery of the UNESCO in Macau; 1997 Painting Exhibitions in the Gallery of the Macau Tourism Centre, Biennial of arts and design in the Forum de Macau and XI collective Exhibitions of the artists of Macau. Work many years as a Graphic Designer in Portugal, and Ballet Teacher in Macau. Owner of an ART´s Caffé in Portugal – Maia. At the moment work in Macau, delegated and organized Art Exhibitions.He held many exhibitions in Macau and Portugal from 1995 to 2009.For example, 2000 Painting Exhibitions in Gallery of Military Club of Macau,2009 Painting Exhibitions in the Caminha Tourism Center, Portugal.