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Nair Alexandra Dias Cardoso

Licentiate degree in Communication Design
University of Arts and Design – ESAD, Oporto – Portugal.
Bachelor degree in Graphic Design
Macau Polytechnic Institute, School of Arts.

Work many years as a Graphic Designer in Portugal, and Ballet Teacher in Macau.

Owner of a ART´Caffé in Portugal – Maia

At the moment work in Macau, delegated and organized Art Exhibitions.



  • 2009 Painting Exhibitions in the Caminha Tourism Center, Portugal.
  • 2008 Painting Exhibitions in “Centro Cultural e Científico de Macau”, Lisbon.
  • 2006 Painting Exhibitions in “Rota da Sede – Art Caffé”, Maia, Portugal.
  • 2005 Painting Exhibitions in “Casa da Cultura” of Melgaço and Paredes de Coura .
  • 2004 Painting Exhibitions in Fórum da Maia, “Centro Cultural e Científico de Macau” and Palace of Independence, Lisbon.
  • 2003 Design Exhibitions “Agora” in Anje, Oporto and “Um dia no jardim da Primavera” in Fórum da Maia, Lisbon and Spain.
  • 2002 Painting Exhibitions “Prémio Internacional de Pintura 2001” in Macau.
  • 2000 Painting Exhibitions in Gallery of Military Club of Macau, Design Exhibitions in ESAD, Oporto and 2º price on the design competition of wine labels “Flavors of Portugal”
  • 1999 Biennial of design in 98/99 in the Cultural Center and Design Exhibitions in the Gallery of the UNESCO in Macau.
  • 1997 Painting Exhibitions in the Gallery of the Macau Tourism Centre, Biennial of arts and design in the Fórum de Macau and XI collective Exhibitions of the artists of Macau.
  • 1995 Collective Exhibitions of the artists of Macau in the Leal Senado.
  • 1993-1995 2º price in the school competition of dance in Macau.