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Macau Banner Bag is a company that develops and designs alternatives to recycle/reuse publicity/marketing material in PVC (polyester) – banners, placards and outdoors – used in the promotion and announcement of exhibitions, festivals and other events in Macau.

The PVC promotional material is used as raw material in the production of several merchandising products such as bags, accessories for everyday use, fashion accessories, stationary, etc. The visibility of its design enables the reuse of materials that were once obsolete.

We do believe that it is possible to actively participate in the environment preservation and in the development of a higher ecological conscience in Macau.



5th — 7th June, 2007

Concerning for environment, CREATIVE MACAU‘s participant, FaiMat Ltd. presents the latest collection of BANNER BAG on 5th June, World Environment Day. BANNER BAGs are all made in Macau from recycled banners. The new models are OVAL, LENA, COMPUTADOR, DESPORTO, BAMBU, PRAIA GRANDE, GRANDE PREMIO and WINNIE.


5th — 14th June, 2006

On June 5, 2006, the World Environment Day, it will take place at Creative Macau at 18:30(6:30pm), the official presentation of MACAU BANNER BAG, the name of a collection of bags, purses and handbags in PVC that are made from the promotional banners used by several public entities in the promotion and announcement of social, cultural and leisure events that […]