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Hoi Chong

Hoi Chong graduated from the Design Department, at the Macao Polytechnic Institute in 2002. He worked for several years in the advertising industry in Shanghai, where he designed brand images fro Budweiser, Coca Cola, KFC, Schick Razors, Reebok. He is now a graphic designer at the Macao Museum of Art (MAM). He has strong interest in photography, literature, electronic music and street art. Also, contributes as a columnist to local magazines with photography critics.

He takes every creative project as a development opportunity to create unique design works to reach local and international audiences, with the aim to promote the growth of Macao design and put it on world map.

He participated in the following exhibitions, in 2013 – City Discovery: Macau Zhuhai Contemporary Arts Exhibition at Ox Warehouse Macao, and in 2014 – Macau and Culture: Poster Design at Creative Macau, and We Are Friends: Artwork Exchange Exhibition 2014 at Ox Warehouse Macao.


“Suspension” – cross-media exhibition

8th — 31st October, 2015

Suspension is a kind of living, living with certain creation pleasure without serving the time. This exhibition will showcase various kinds of work reflecting a sense of suspension include illustration, graffiti, photography, installation arts, ambient music, etc. Among all, the graffiti works can best interpret the connotation of suspension, notwithstanding it’s not belong to the […]