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Patrick Chio Kuok Kuan

I was crazy about design since I was a child, so I didn’t hesitate to attend the Macao Polytechnic Institute to join the design course when I graduated from the high school 3 years ago. During this several years, I was not only learnt a lot of skills for design, but also understood what is “beauty”. And I was very lucky to put into practice what I have learnt. For example, I have been the preceptor of the summer design course, and had the chance to make the building model, etc. All of these experiences are good for me who want to be a designer all the life.

And as a Chinese, I have a special sentiment of traditional Chinese culture and handicrafts. As a result, I like to add some element of oriental culture, and I hope to enhance and glorify Chinese culture to the whole world through of my design.

What I expect is one day people will remember my works and my name – PATRICK, CHIO KUOK KUAN.