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Miguel Augusto

It all starts from a source, which I can’t really explain where it come’s from, that guide me through a process of engagement in a flow, searching for perfection, not only in terms of aesthetics but, in functionality as well. I remember, that the white sheets of paper, pencils, brushes and colors, were my best “friends” since my childhood and I can’t see myself living without them”.


António Miguel dos Santos Augusto, was born in Estoril, Portugal in 1970, but since young he is living in Macau. He participated in several contest’s, such as: painting and music, where he was awarded with some Prizes. In 1999, he was invited to design the Book “Manual de Convivência” for the Macau Handover Ceremony. In 2001 he graduated in Graphic Communication Design at the School of Arts in the Macao Polytechnic Institute where was invited to Lecture. He has been collaborating and participating in several projects, locally and internationally, as a Graphic Designer. In the last years he was invited to design several books sponsor by different Government Department’s. Currently he is studying Architecture at University of Saint Joseph and he opened his new Company “Idreams – Creations”, where he can express himself in other fields of design.