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Chau Peng Kuong

Chau Peng Kuong was born in Macau in 1957. Started to study calligraphy with calligrapher Wong Sio Hin in 1987. Started to study Chinese mounting with mounting masters Cheng Moon Wha and Lo Fuk Keong in 1989. 1994 Invited by Macao Youth Cultural Association and Macao Education Department, together with Lo Fuk Keong, to give a talk about “Chinese Calligraphy and Picture Mounting”   Founded the “Society of Paper Art” in 1996. For more than 20 years, I have been working on Chinese calligraphy and painting mounting. I am particularly interested in creating new ways of mounting, experimenting with different materials and innovated techniques, combining the two, picture and mounting, and presenting them together as one complete artwork. Here are some of the exhibitions he has organised: first solo exhibition “Chau Peng Kuong – the Art of Chinese Mountings”;“Three Men’s Calligraphy Show in Spring” in Macau; Calligraphy Show with Lee Jit Won at Cultural Plaza Gallery, Macau; second solo exhibition “Chau Peng Kuong – the Art of Chinese Mountings” at Hong Kong City Hall and Cultural Plaza Gallery, Macau; exhibition “Chau Peng Kuong – the Creative Art of Chinese Mountings”, Guangzhou Museum, Guangzhou, China; “Chau Peng Kuong – Calligraphy Exhibition”, Chinese Cultural Centre, Sydney, Australia.


“Make A Wish” 10th Anniversary Group Exhibition

28th August, 2013

MAKE A WISH is the theme of our 10th anniversary exhibition proposed to all Creative Macau members. Twenty six members across the twelve different creative fields of advertising, architecture, craft, design, designer fashion, film and video, interactive leisure software, music, performing arts, publishing, software and computer development, and visual arts were interested and are displaying […]