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Crystal Chan Wai Man

Crystal w.m. Chan (b. 1986, Macau) has studied Interior Design in Taiwan and one year after returned to Macau where she majored in Hotel Management; meanwhile, she had her half-year internship in Greece. Art is something she has never really studied but instead, gained from her travel and the people she encountered. She has been involved in photography, writing and acting. Her article “Inshala” received the 4th prize at the Hong Kong City Literary Festival 2008. “Something About”, a photography book published in 2012, results from a working partnership with local photographer Wong Kei Cheong. Portrait drawing has been, however, her favorite when it comes to artworks. In her opinion, the face, the body and the expression are channels from which we pour out our emotions; and emotions are just something straightforward, honest and innocent.


“Symbols In Cultures” 11th anniversary group exhibition

28th August — 13th September, 2014

SYMBOLS IN CULTURES Everywhere we look in societies are forms of symbolic representation, which identify and illustrate different culture, philosophy, and lifestyle. Thinking that symbols in society are unconscious forms of communication in the way of social, ideological, political concepts and many others, they are important and integral elements in understanding a culture and a […]