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Cecilia Rosa Sequeira

Cecilia graduated from University of Macau majoring in Japanese Studies and Business Management.

She participated in local monthly illustration competition held by Macau Maple Studio in 2011, as well as designed logos for 5th and 7th Asian Karate-do Federation Senior, Junior and Cadet Championships.  She actively participated in arts related associations when she was a student, such as being the Art Director of the Music Society in University of Macau and the Chairman of the Arts & Advertising Committee in secondary school.

Aside from art, she is also interested in music where she is an executive member and position in second violin at Orquestra de Melodia.


PRO LOGO – illustration group exhibition

1st — 15th March, 2012

CREATIVE MACAU is pleased to present you the illustration exhibition – PRO LOGO.  PRO LOGO is one of the three annual group exhibitions organized by CREATIVE MACAU for its members, providing opportunities to new members as well as professionals. Today illustration is absolutely necessary in order to succeed in any company, product, design, publishing, magazine, […]