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Luna Cheong

Luna Cheong graduated from Macau Polytechnic Institute with a BA in Visual Art in 2018, and has spent half a year at the National Taiwan University of Arts as an exchange student.

Her artworks mainly explore themes such as the emotions of social relationships and conceptual ideas derived from the interaction between audiences and the artworks. These are expressed through a wide array of media such as drawing, sculpture, videos and installations. Her works have been shown in multiple joint exhibitions in China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan since 2015, as well as three solo exhibits, “The valley of tears” , “Life out of focus” and “Choices”, respectively in 2017, 2018 and 2020.

She is currently a member of the Macau Artist Society, the Macau Youth Art Association, and the Macau Sculpture Association.


Rituality – painting and installation

8th July — 21st August, 2021

Rituals in life and the type of power that they grant us –  If life is a ritual for the existence of the soul, what ideological activity comes of it? When the original meaning of the ritual gradually fades, what form does the meaning take when the ritual carries on? These questions are explored and […]

UNLOCK THAT DOOR – 17th Anniversary Collective Exhibition

28th August — 19th September, 2020

Today, not many people write letters on paper to be sent by post or delivered by hand. Writing a letter to someone is something intimate – although the other person is far away, he/she remains present both in image and spirit. Words in letters carry meanings and often lead us to a cathartic release. When […]


25th April — 25th May, 2019

By the theme of RISK IS GOOD, we invited 6 woman members’ artists to take inspiration and create few paintings as a body of work and what represent for they the idea of Risk is Good.   Thinking the risk is good when we have loving and supportive people in our life, we end up being […]

Open Future – Collective Exhibition

28th August — 22nd September, 2018

“Contemporary life is one that undergoes constant transformation, in the context of spaces, time or memory; we live with a heave, being hemmed in by each other and heaped praise on one another.” Creative Macau will be celebrating its 15th anniversary on 28 August 2018 with “OPEN FUTURE” – Collective Exhibition. Our creative members are […]