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Hong Wai

Hong Wai was born in 1982 in Shanghai and raised in Macau. After with distinction form high school, she was admitted to the prestigious National Taiwan University. During her second year of under-graduate study, she transferred from the science faculty to the Department of Chinese Literature to pursue her love of contemporary poetry and the art of Chinese Ink painting.

Apart from her regular academic commitment, she spend her spare time attending classes for honors at the Department of Art History in National Taiwan University and in the department of fine arts in National Taiwan Normal University.

Despite her youth, her works have been on public display on many occasions. At the age of 17, she held her first solo art exhibition. Some of the exhibits are currently represented in the collections of UNSECO Centre and of several Commercial and Cultural institutes across the strait.

On a personal level, she was received many awards for both her literary and artistic accomplishments, including “the best young achiever” award at the “17th Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of Macau”, and the second best literary prize at the “Chinese Overseas Residents Essay Competition”. As the youngest member of Macau Artist Society, she is currently working as an art illustrator and cold designer at the famous épanouir fashion designing company.