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Madalena Fonseca

Graduated in Painting at Universidade de Belas Artes, Lisbon. In 2000, founded Associação de Gravura Água-Forte in Lisbon with other members.

Group Exhibitions: 1992 Paradis Perdus, Switzerland; 1998 Edición de Estampa – Salón Internacional de Grabado y Ediciones de Arte Contemporánea, Madrid; 2003 – Le mois de l’estampe à Paris, D’Été Gallery, Paris; Portugal /Japan exchange project, Printmaking, Saiyo Gallery, Kunitachi, Tokyo; 2004 30 years of Portuguese Printmaking, Sofia, Bulgária; XIII Art salon, Identity Imprint: A Glance at IberoAmerican Printmaking, Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington, USA; 2008 The Triangle of Printmaking-International Print Exchange Project – Portugal / Japan / Netherlands; 2015 Agua-Forte 15 Anos, Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, Lisbon.

Works in Collections: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian / Câmara Municipal da Amadora / Museu Municipal de Santiago do Cacém / Fundação António Prates/ Fundação Oriente.



Sentimental Attachment – Drawings & Illustrations

4th March — 10th April, 2021

Drawing and Illustration are two distinct visual expressions that underline the authors’ identity and their imaginative universes. Sometimes, they represent a perfect symbiosis and have a Sentimental Attachment in common in the creation process. Drawing is in essence the artistic self-expression of what is “seen”. It represents ideas through lines and sketches, in a concrete […]

OUR FAMILY – 16th Anniversary Collective Exhibition

28th August — 21st September, 2019

The Collective Exhibition will be held in Creative Macau starting from 28 August to 21 September, 2019. 29 members create a structure of the “family” as an artistic project; and compose a family portrait through the real and, or, within imaginary conception. From the abstraction to the substantial, we have been naming themes for our […]

“Here & Now” 13th anniversary members exhibition

27th August — 30th September, 2016

Adalberto Tenreiro, Alexandre Marreiros, Armelle de L, Chan Un Man, Cristina Vinhas, Duarte Esmeriz, DWG, Elói Scarva, Fernando Simões, Francisco Ricarte, Ho Si Man, João Miguel Barros, Lai Sio Kit, Laura Che, Li Li, Lúcia Lemos, Madalena Fonseca, Marina Carvalho, Mavin Zin, Noah Ng, Ohi, Rodrigo de Matos, Rusty Fox, Sofia Bobone, Tang Kuok Hou […]

“RICH LIFE” – 12th anniversary group exhibition

28th August — 30th September, 2015

Creative Macau (CCI) will hold a grand opening ceremony of “Rich Life” Members Exhibition and bring stunning music performance to celebrate its 12th Anniversary on Friday, 28 August, 2015. The grand opening ceremony will start at 6pm with a set of live acoustic and electronic music played in a combination of different instruments by the […]

“Symbols In Cultures” 11th anniversary group exhibition

28th August — 13th September, 2014

SYMBOLS IN CULTURES Everywhere we look in societies are forms of symbolic representation, which identify and illustrate different culture, philosophy, and lifestyle. Thinking that symbols in society are unconscious forms of communication in the way of social, ideological, political concepts and many others, they are important and integral elements in understanding a culture and a […]