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Leong Leng

Leong Leng was born and raised in Macau.

She took drawing lessons with Mr. Tam Chi Sang (Macau Artist) when she was a kid and had since fallen in love with art. While spending 5 years in San Francisco Bay Area, California, completing her college education at University of California, Berkeley, Leong Leng encountered a whole new world she’s never seen. The diverse environment and people with different ethnicity and cultural background in the Bay Area quickly steered her interests in different forms of art including movies, photography, architecture and music.

After moving back to Hong Kong in 2009, Leong Leng started exploring oil painting and got hooked since then. Her latest work of art represents her spontaneous and intuitive exploration of human figures through their emotions.



25th April — 25th May, 2019

By the theme of RISK IS GOOD, we invited 6 woman members’ artists to take inspiration and create few paintings as a body of work and what represent for they the idea of Risk is Good.   Thinking the risk is good when we have loving and supportive people in our life, we end up being […]