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Wu Lu Sheng

Born in 1956 in the province of Shinjang, China. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Painting in 1982. He is a member of China Artists Association, chairman of Art Teacher Communication Association of Macau. He is currently teaching in a local high school.


“RICH LIFE” – 12th anniversary group exhibition

28th August — 30th September, 2015

Creative Macau (CCI) will hold a grand opening ceremony of “Rich Life” Members Exhibition and bring stunning music performance to celebrate its 12th Anniversary on Friday, 28 August, 2015. The grand opening ceremony will start at 6pm with a set of live acoustic and electronic music played in a combination of different instruments by the […]

Justin Chiang | Wu Lu Sheng Painting Exhibition

10th — 27th October, 2014

Both experienced and passionate painters had their solo exhibition at Creative Macau. How will their difference in background, generation as well as distinct painting style in Chinese Ink and vivid Acrylic react to each other when it comes to animals? “The different use of horses to humans in different time and space” — Wu Lu […]


20th April — 7th May, 2012

A good drawing can please audiences. A stroke, which shows the essential skill of an artist, reveals his insight, idea and sensation. An observation, an experience and a motion record are elements to expose a passion. This feeling is indescribable. Perhaps it is just a fragment or strokes with no end, but the creation can […]