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Un Chi Iam

Un Chi Iam, a rebellious, anti-tradition modern painter, conspicuously shows in her works “departure” and “alienation” from the Chinese painting traditions, Nearly all her works have been composed within a square shape; calligraphy, signatures, seals are arranged in such an ingenious way that they emerge as ingrained as an integrated part of the work. Breaking the traditional has brought her new patterns, which stun the viewer for their originality.


Un Chi Iam Painting Exhibition

3rd — 20th August, 2012

UN CHI IAM was born in Shanghai and moved to Macau with her husband, Mio Peng Fei, in the 80s. She is a modern non-traditional Chinese painter. Exhibited around the world for almost a hundred times. Four painting catalogues were published, and she was mentioned in several publications such as “Chinese Modern Art Women Painters”. […]