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Marina Paula Duarte De Carvalho

She attended the ‘Graphic Design, Interiors and General Equipment’ course, from 1982/1985 and the Photography course, from 1985/1986 at the ‘Institute of Art, Design and Equipment – IADE’ in Lisbon. From 1988 until 1996 she worked in Advertising and Fashion Photography with the photographer Antonio Mil-Homens.


A Glance at Iran

11th January — 3rd February, 2018

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION “A glance at Iran” comprises 30 photos by Marina Carvalho. They are records of what she experienced within her 10-day-journey in Iran. Photographs arouse our curiosity, and they can show what are behind the war scene in the Islam nations. Her works are mainly in black and white, showing the cities of […]

“CITIES” B/W Photography group exhibition

23rd July — 20th August, 2015

Five of our members: Carmo Correira, Ieong Man Pan, Marina Carvalho, Tang Kuok Ho, Wilson Caldeira, are exhibiting a series of photographs on 23 of July that certainly will give to the public a very personal point of view of what they feel when they explore cities by walking. CITIES are no doubt an urban […]