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Chan Ka Keong

Lorence was born in China in 1978. He is mainly working in graphic design, film and visual art, since 1999 began to exhibit his work in Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland China. His photography and graphic design works had been awarded prizes. He is a core member of “CUT Association of Audio-Visual”, an organization dedicated to film and video. Works as a graphic designer in the Macao Cultural Centre and is a guest lecturer in the Macao Polytechnic Institute. Lorence’s short film and visual art works concerned the coincidence and absurdity among people, attempt to expose the uncertainties in our lives, by capturing trivia and details amid everyday surroundings. In year 2010, “Macau Stories – Uncertain” was invited to be the Opening Film of the “Macau Film Exhibition” in The 19th China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival. The work was also invited to participate in The 5th Chinese Film Young Generation Forum.


EVER – Multimedia works by Chan Ka Keong

6th August, 2011

Chan Ka Keong was invited to host the “Talk with Artist” session in his solo exhibition “ever”. General public and art lovers can have a closer look of the exhibited works in photography, installation and videos.

EVER – Multimedia works

30th July — 15th August, 2011

EVER is a solo exhibition by Chan Ka Keong, which will be presented in the gallery CREATIVE MACAU from 30th July to 15th August 2011. This exhibition includes the artist’s latest artworks of video, installation and photography. The ideas of Chan Ka Keong’s work are mainly based on his own observations and experiences in daily […]