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Angela Hoi Ka Ian

Born in 1996, Angela Hoi Ka Ian is a Macau artist whose works are about the relationship of vulnerability within individuals and communities. With that she expresses her vision through different medium: paintings, installations, videos and texts. In her works, key words “likeability ”, “secret”, “identity”, “communicate” appear repeatedly. She tends to use her own methodology to interpret “vulnerability”, while struggling with white cube work standard, she would rather describe her work as “non-spectacular spectacle”. She wishes her work is a staged happening, rewarding to the audience, and create a feeling resonance platform of intimacy through interpretation and contemplation of nowadays society as a member of new generation and a Macau artist.

She holds a MA fine art degree from University of the Arts London (Chelsea College of arts) and a BA fine art degree from Taiwan National University of the Arts. During her study she has been participating and curating various exhibitions locating in Macau, Taiwan, Portugal and London.


The Macau Dream is Well and Alive – Conceptual Art

2nd — 27th April, 2024

The exhibition’s theme, The Macau Dream is Alive and Well, is based on recent events and challenges the invited artists to artistically express their feelings about the times of confinement and isolation. The exhibition’s concept allows for a wide range of possibilities for the artists to express their ideas. It can evoke subjective reflections or […]

OPEN CLOSE OPEN – 18th Anniversary Collective Exhibition

28th August — 30th September, 2021

Reflecting on these two atypical years, we proposed to the members an emotional catharsis that would creatively express the ups and downs of their own feelings. Each work presented will transmit personal feelings experienced, either real or metaphorical with the dilemma of Open – Close – Open, inside/outside of themselves. OPEN CLOSE OPEN inspired 33 […]