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Mina Ao

Mina Ao is an emerging photographer who was born and grew up in Macau. Her attitude and curiosity have motivated her to try life in different parts of the world. She has lived in Canada, The United States, Israel and Macau. She has spent the past three years of her career working and training with masters in the field of photography in New York City. Their knowledge, passion, discipline, and professionalism has influenced her profoundly in her own pursuits as an artist and photographer.As a citizen of this world, Mina has a deep interest in local and foreign cultures. She photographs the lives of the cultures she encountered. These encounters make an impression in her life, as well her subjects’ — her photography allows them to see their own cultures in a new perspective. Her most recent work includes a series on New York Jewish Community and Wild West Rodeo.In the United States When her eyes first met the vastness of the American wilderness, it was the beginning of a long relationship — she was awe struck, and immediately fell in love. The spiritual quality in the landscape was an inspiration. She strives to see beyond the landscape, bringing to light the hidden life forms in nature. She wants to create images of nature that inspires people, just as how she was inspired. Mina currently lives and creates in New York City, and travels in North America, Asia and the Middle East.