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Justin Ung

Justin is a Macao-born illustration/sketching lover. He is currently providing illustrations for a local bimonthly cultural magazine Fantasia瘋刊』as a feature illustrator (pseudonym: Fishy cat 金魚貓). Justin is also an online writer at “Reading Macao”. Justin wishes to be as optimistically forgetful as a fish, and as free as a cat. Justin aims to use illustrations as a medium, to bring Macao a bit new inspiration. 

He has received a Design Award at “YMCA Responsible Gaming MeMe Design” (2020) as well as 2nd Place at “Macao Intangible Cultural Heritage Souvenir Design award 2021”.

His works has been published in Fantasia EP 04 Cover, P333; NgPlus issue #177, p31; Fantasia Issue  since Issue #49.

He also had his solo exhibition titled “Macao-City of Kac Lec” in 2021.