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Cola Wong

I first learned about theatre when I was a high school student. I achieved my Bachelor Degree in National Taiwan University, my major was in set and technical design. After I graduated, I went back to Macao to work in Macao Conservatory, I participated in productions and designed sets for performances. Now I’m a freelance designer, with the training of a Master of Arts Degree in Theatre Design (set) at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (UK).

I’m interested in different positions within Scenography, such as performance art, visual art, theatre design, event design, exhibition design and so on.

I really enjoy the process of designing, which can help me to see the world in different way. I believe as a designer if you don’t really go inside everything will become boring. My life such a journey of adventure, I don’t know what will it happen but what can I do just keep going. I’m very enjoy my life and I wish to continue working on design and able to express myself through my designs because I love it.