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Silvia Mendes Sales

Silvia M. Sales, I was born in Macau in 1989. I love drawing since childhood due to the influence of my father, Eugenio Novikoff Sales, who is also a painter. The inspiration of my artwork comes from my rich emotion, the feelings of life, music and the unique drawing style of my father.

I used to draw with watercolor paper, acrylic, alcohol and disposable brush pen.

My drawing style tends to be abstract. When I start a drawing, I draw whatever I feel like to draw rather than preset a topic. My artworks will be colorful when I am happy. They will be grey and deep when I am depressed. Drawing is the best way for me to express my inner feelings and to release pressure. I can leave a mark on any piece of time of my life, by extracting the cheerful and sorrowful from my mind and record them on the paper.

I think that a way to love ourselves is that we can find what we love to do and keep working on it with joy. For me, that is drawing.