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Lio Man Cheong

Lio Man Cheong is member of Macau Fine Arts Association. Once he worked in the field of firm and advertisement production, and later, he was invited to create and draw stamps, for Macau Post and Telecommunication Office.

He participated in almost all the exhibitions of Macau Fine Arts Circles, in the art exhibitions of the Art Festival, co-organized by Macau Municipal Council and Macau Cultural Institute, as well as in the I, II, III Water Color Paintings Exhibitions of Canton, Hong Kong and Macau, organized by the Fine Arts Association of the 3 places, respectively.




18th March — 8th April, 2010

“Seeing happiness in a boring life could enjoy a quiet time alone.” CREATIVE MACAU is honored to present the water color solo exhibition IMAGINE O LARGO DO LILAU by Lio Man Cheong from 18th March to 8th April 2010. Lio Man Cheong is a well know watercolor painting master. His paintings in IMAGINE O LARGO […]

Interview: Shooting at Lio Man Cheong’s Studio

20th October, 2003

Channel IV from France was producing a movie about the transitional change in culture for the past few decades in Macau. Shooting was made in Lio’s studio. Through his oil paintings, people can understand more about the Macanese style of living and their culture.