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Yuen Wai Ip

Yuen Wai Ip (Leo) was born in 1974. In his early age, he learned sketching from Mr. Yiu Fong, who was a local distinguished painter after school.

During that time he had a chance to get to know about watercolor. After his graduation from Pui Ching Middle School, he went to Hong Kong to study design. There he worked as an illustrator assistant in an illustration company for part-time during his studies and eventually he entered the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to study design and interior design.

Yuen strengthened his knowledge and eyeshot of painting art during the further education. Besides, he also studied watercolor and oil painting and so forth, therefore further raising his painting skills to the level of thinking expression. Yuen loves art in all his life.


Work To Myself – Chapter 3

5th — 23rd September, 2008

WORK TO MYSELF – Chapter 2

22nd April — 13th May, 2006

From 22 April to 13 May, Yuen Wai Ip is holding his MEMBER SOLO EXHIBITION in gallery of CREATIVE MACAU. His favorite paintings in this show all carry with them a special story. And on the other hand, we could let these paintings open up our imagination: maybe contemplate the influence of our modern life […]

Interview: With Yuen Wai Ip by Macao Daily

7th March, 2004 15:00

Yuen has been participating in the advertising industry for years and is currently running his own company, August 13 design, in Zape. To play the roles of both designer and owner, he has to seek the balance between