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簡介 Introduction

Dialect 方言社, 前稱「澳門攝影情報社」,由四位獨立攝影人共同創立於2017,是一個以澳門為基地的攝影團體與平台,方言社透過舉辦各種形式的展覽、討論與活動,嘗試給予澳門攝影新的衝擊,探索攝影的無限可能性。

The “Dialect”, formerly known as “PhotoIntel Macau”, is a photographic group and platform which based in Macau. Co-founded by four independent photographers in 2017, “Dialect” is dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities of photography and giving new impact in photography to Macau through various forms of exhibitions, discussions and activities.


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創始人 Founding members

楊俊榮 Alan Ieon

生於1987 年,國立台灣清華大學物理系畢業,因有感殖民地回歸帶來的各種變化而開始使用攝影作創作。作品主要圍繞城市風景,城市/國家體制與個人身份等命題,並嘗試把都市中零散、隱藏的片段紀錄以反映現實並指出體制荒謬之處,並以此來探索自我存在的目的。

Born in 1987. A graduate from the Department of Physics, National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan, Alan takes photos that are inspired by the various changes occurred after Macao handover to China. His works focus on such themes as city landscapes, urban/national regime and personal identity, in an attempt to register those scattered and invisible fragments in order to present the actual city, revealing some absurd aspects of the system, and eventually exploring the very purpose of our existence.

鄧國豪 Tang Kuok Hou

1989 年於澳門出生,澳門大學社會學學士。至今已參加過三十餘次本地及海內外藝術展覽,以及舉辦過兩次個人展覽,創作主題圍繞於身份、時間、記憶及地域文化問題等主題,透過都市中的人造景觀去尋找都市人與自然中對景觀及存在的連結和意義。

Born in Macau in 1989 with a BA in sociology from the University of Macau, Tang has participated in more than 30 arts exhibitions in Macao and overseas besides two solo shows. He takes on such themes as identity, time, memory and local culture to explore, through man-made landscape, the interconnection among urbanites, landscapes and human existence versus Nature, as well as their respective meaning.

黃卓銘 Wong Cheok Meng

1990 年於澳門出生,澳門大學軟件工程學士。創作圍繞城市、空間、符號等主題,藉此探討存在的意義和事物的本質。

Born in Macau in 1990, with a BA in software engineering from the University of Macau, Wong focuses on such themes as city, space and symbols to probe the meaning of existence and the essence of things.

黃霐雴 Rusty Fox

1991 年於澳門出生,在英國NEWPORT 取得紀實攝影碩士和攝影學士,認為紀實攝影在呈現上沒有限制性。喜歡留意都市中的平衡和失衡。特別對生物、人類或沒有生命的無機物感興趣,透過紀錄生命體和無機物之間常被忽視的關係,在不尋常裡發現日常,並以影像與觀者作互相對話。

Born in Macau in 1991, Rusty got a BA in photography and a MA in documentary photography in Newport, U.K. and he believes documentary photography has no expressional limits. He likes to observe urban balances and imbalances, being especially interested in the often neglected relations between organic and inorganic things, i.e. living things, human beings and inanimate objects. He tries to reveal common traits in unusual things, facilitating dialogue with viewers through his/her images.




Mǎorganic, SEEDS IN SPRING Exhibitions
Oxwarehouse, Macau


台北國際藝術攝影交流展 2017
2017 Wonder Foto Day
台灣台北華山1914 文化創意園區
Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taiwan




Mǎorganic-攝影書,獨立出版,澳門,ISBN 978-99965-692-1-0
Mǎorganic- self-publishing photobook, Macau, ISBN 978-99965-692-1-0




戴頭盔過大海 — 澳門攝影的發展與現況講座
Lightbox Photo Library Seminar
Lightbox 攝影圖書室,台北,台灣
Lightbox Photo Library, Taipei, Taiwan


Pin-to Livros photography Seminar
Pin-to Livros


Terra Coffee House photobook Seminar
Terra Coffee House
Terra Coffee House