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Lam Kin Ian

Lam Kin Ian was graduated of the College of Fine Arts of Shanghai University, he is currently the Director of the Creation Department of the Institute of World Artistic and Cultural Exchanges, and is also a member of the Macao Association of Fine Arts and the Macao Association of Gardens, Calligraphy and Paintings. He has been engaged in fine arts for several years and is a founder of the Modern Studio. The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) and the Fuchunjiang Academy of Calligraphy and Painting have acquired his works. he has held “Harmony of Water and Color”in Macau, Individual Exhibition of Chinese Watercolour Paintings in Beijing and Exhibition of Macao Contemporary Artists Lisbon.




8th — 29th September, 2007

LAM KIN IAN, a influential local painters, was invited for a solo painting exhibition, TRUE EXPRESSION at the gallery CREATIVE MACAU. “In my art creations, I strive to present my distinct style on my painting and fill the canvas with strong sense of trendy. To reach it, I make every painting by soul.” said LAM KIN IAN